Humanitarian & Compassionate Consideration Videos

PR card renewal with Humanitarian & Compassionate Consideration Video

This video talks about how to renew y our PR card with H&C argument.

Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications Video

Humanitarian and Compassionate Consideration applications, also known as H&C applications, are very unique. They are used as a last resort because when filing this application, you are not entitled to legal status in Canada. Of course, unless you already have legal status in Canada. Watch our video on humanitarian and compassionate consideration applications and important information pertaining to these types of applications.

Humanitarian & Compassionate Applications Video

If you have filled out a Humanitarian & Compassionate Application or are interested in applying for it in the future, watch our video and we will discuss the details of what an Humanitarian & Compassionate application is, what categories fall under it and how it works. At Akrami&Assiciates we help prepare your application and submit it with you for maximum results. Watch our video on Humanitarian & Compassionate Application and other important information you should consider when applying for this type of application.