Humanitarian and Compassionate Application

Humanitarian and Compassionate Consideration (H&C) application is an application for permanent residence in Canada. In general, people must apply for permanent residence from outside Canada. In some cases, it is possible to ask IRCC to make an exception to this rule. An H&C application asks IRCC to allow the applicant to apply for permanent residence in Canada for humanitarian and compassionate reasons.

There are 2 stages of approval. A successful applicant will be:

  • allowed to apply for permanent residence in Canada for humanitarian and compassionate reasons (“approval-in-principle”), and
  • approved for permanent resident status in Canada.

An applicant who is approved at the first stage could still be refused at the second stage if they do not meet the requirements for permanent resident status.

What is Humanitarian and Compassionate Consideration

Humanitarian and Compassionate Consideration (H&C) is a discretionary tool that provides the Minister with the authority to grant permanent resident status or an exemption from requirements of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. This option is available to individuals who can demonstrate that they have an exceptional case for seeking Canadian residency. The H&C decision-making process is highly discretionary and considers whether a special grant of an exemption from a requirement of the Act is warranted. Factors that are considered in these cases include general family ties, life and settlement in Canada, and interests and well-being of any minor children involved in the case. Applicants may make submissions on any facts affecting their personal circumstances that they believe are relevant to their request for H&C consideration.